poeta mors


You caused me tears
you caused me pain,
you caused my death,
it's all the same.
You walked out,
you left me here,
you stepped away,
you brought this fear.
  You ripped my heart out,
you took a knife,
you stabbed it in me,
you took my life.
  You'll never know,
you'll never see,
you'll never find out,
what you mean to me.
You're just a friend,
you're nothing more,
you're cruel towards me,
my heart is sore.
You laugh at my dreams,
you make me cry in vain,
you buried me,
under the rain.
  You are so heartless,
you are unkind,
you are hurt,
with a different mind.
  You are destruction,
you are all that above,
you might be all of that,
but you I still love.