ępoeta mors


Rip out your heart and laugh at the pain
Kill your conscience and smirk once again
the tear of that smile and throw it away
erase that twinkle, in your eye it can't stay
  Fuck with the devil give him your soul
run straight for hell, make it your goal
Do all the wrong things and ruin your life
take your hand and place it down on the knife
    Burn all the bridges you’re stuck where you are
and if you have fun you won't get very far
jump off the mountains and crash on the ground
and make sure your loved ones hear that sound
    Make sure they feel the pain that you felt
make sure they play with the hand you were dealt
make them be sorry but don't give a shit
laugh in their faces cause they don't get it
  Give into temptation, there is nothing worse
laugh at the cars who drive behind a hearse
scare little children with a mere look
burn the bible, that precious holy book
And then when you’re finished look in the mirror
because then death in you is that much nearer
now you've fucked up bad you're going to hell
and just think, it's from heaven that you fell.