personal stories

Hi my name is sam I am writing here to get everything off my back. It started a couple of years back my depression because I dress alternatley, I got depressed over every little thing it took a long time to get over. I wa shappy for a month or to until 3 months back when life started to HATE me. I met a guy called Scott we started dating he is 17 I am 13. We were happy together until my mum found out I was dating him. She stopped me seeinh him physically and so I quit school to see him everyday not going home until at least midnight. Well soon enough my mum started to realise I loved him and so after a big fight were I broke 3 knuckles and two fingers she decided that I could see him 4 times a week. I still stopped off school for him though. Everything started to come together until me and scott started to fight all the time. His friends would comfort me whilst he shouted at me. We would fight all the time but I loved him so I couldnt let him go. Then one of my 15 year old friends died of a heartattack it was a close friends boyfriend it was a too much. I took 16 asprins and I collapsed at home because I also have diabetes but i was okay. I finished my boyfriend and repeatedly cries myself to sleep every night. Then I met another lad we got close then I found out he was lying to everyone about me. I wanted to die. I started drinking and smoking cannibis heavily I hated earth. Then I found ot my ex boyfriend scott was going out with one of my friends but i still loved him. I was a mess in school work and at homes. Why did I have to be me. It took a while for me to realise people did want to help me. Now im back with mild ocd (obsessive,compulsive disorder). And I have become ill with my diabetes My life has gone from bad to worse but this time I realise I NEED to cope Well Il try thanx for hearing me out! sam x