personal stories

Hi my name is Megan. I wanted to tell my story because I think a lot of teens out there can relate to what I have been through (this is just one of my many things I have been through) I was 10 years old when my mother supposedly found "the love of her life" (my parents divorced when I was 3 years old). Jerry was his name.

Jerry was as I thought to be the best step dad ever! He bought me anything I wanted and did what ever I wanted to do. I started to get a weird feeling about the fact that he was buying me all of these stuff and everything, because, I mean, I  have never had any parents that continuously bought me anything I wanted etc. but I just ignored my feeling.

A year later (I was 11) jerry and my mom got married. I was so happy too! but about a month after they were married, I got to the point where I got comfortable enough to give him a hug and kiss goodnight. well that was a bad idea because he used that as an open door to molest me. Every night I would give him a kiss and hug goodnight, and every night he would sexually molest me. My mom was in the same room too! but "supposedly" she never even noticed! I cried every single night, and I kept what he was doing to me to myself because I didn't want to hurt my mom because she really liked this guy, and so did the rest of my family. I got really depressed. I was so confused and I was a little girl scared of this adult that was sexually molesting me.

One night when my mother was already in bed and my siblings, he came into my room to tuck me in and put his hand under the covers and sexually molested me. I acted as nothing had ever happened, he shut the light off, closed the door, and went to bed. I cried so hard! This went on for about 3 months, I then began to think about killing myself, which was scary for me because I didn't know what was happening to me. The whole time this was going on I was telling my most best friend, (her mom babysat me and that is how I came to know her) Ryan was her name. I would always take her to her bedroom and tell her everything that was going on every time I went to my mom's house for the weekend.(I lived with my dad) I would constantly cry to her and she was the only one I was telling and I had to tell someone. I told her not to tell anyone because I was afraid of Jerry.

Well, one day she told her mom everything and then her mom told my dad and my step mom. My dad and step mom confronted me and asked me if what was said to them true....I didn't say anything...I busted out crying. I cried and cried and cried. My parents took me to a bunch of places where they interviewed me and I had to fill out papers and answer questions and tell them the whole story of what happened to me. I was so scared during this time. I missed a bunch of school going to interviews at the state court house. Then when court date for Jerry's trial finally came I found out that my mom was sticking up for Jerry!!!!!!! And so was my sister!!! I couldn't believe it. I felt like my mom and my sister didn't love me or believe me.

During the time I was going to court and everything, my mom had the choice either to keep Jerry in her house without seeing me, or to kick him out and me to still be able to see her. Unfortunately she chose to keep Jerry in the house and as for me, well I had to visit my mom at the children's home where we were watched. I was only allowed 1 hour with her every other weekend, and this was hard for me not being able to see my mom.

Like 2 months later Jerry was finally found guilty and he got 15 years in prison. I am now 14 years old and I am still affected by this. My mom constantly cries to me saying she is sorry and that she hopes I don't hate her for not being on my side. I don't hate her and I never will, I just wish she would move on and stop bringing it up.

As for my sister, she never brings it up (she is 21). I still love her, and I even act like nothing happened. I have moved on but its become hard for me to trust guys. I was 12, and another guy that was 13 tried to rape me but I got away before he could, but he grabbed my breasts really hard. That killed me because I didn't understand why all of these males were doing things to me. But now I have a boyfriend, and he cares for me. I love him and we are doing great. Thank you for reading my story and sorry it was so long.