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Hi rob, I was reading your story and I saw some of the same things in you that I have.  Like you I began crying when ever someone would even look at me wrong, I had such low self-esteam because of preps at my school saying things about me.  At the time of the colembine shootings the first thing I thaught when I heard people died was that I wish it was me.  Still now I am in a depression.  I wanted to let you know your not alone in it.  Lots of other people have the same thing that you have and are fixing it.  If you need someone to talk to you can Email me at :                                           

Sincerely, Jen-13


My name is Rob and I'm 15. This is my story i guess my favorite quote that reflects me the most is by the band thursday from the song "i am the killer" "when you live in a nightmare its written all over your face and in a short time your never the same" my depression probly began back in elementary school with the soon to be preps pointing out there own insecurities in me all i remember is crying at the drop of a hat i remember thinking when columbine happened that it was a good thing maybe the world would learn not to pick on the kids that were different i hoped things would get better for everyone but they didnt my life still was just as bad and then i discovered pot its probly the single thing that kept me from suicide but the worst thing at the same time i just realised it added to my misery and problems. My life has just been filled with a void looking for love looking for somone who doesnt make me feel so alone someone i can really share my pain with someone who will make all the pain and lonlieness go away. maybe ill never find her but i can only hope please post this story if u live and if anyone wants to email me i have two emails and i have


I am writing so you can hopefully post this reply or put it on your site, the story is on the March 2002 page, and from a person called 'deppresive and suicidal'.  If u put this on the site put in my e.mail address this is what I would say to her:

I would if I was you go tot your local doctor and tell him your condition, he will put you on anti-deppresents, now that is not as bad as it sounds because although they do have some pritty bad side effects when you first go on them mine do there called Seroxat, but they do once you got the right dose stop thoughts of suicide and cutting, although I would say keep going to the councer, a real one not just the school one.  I think your mom is pritty evil for just laughing at you.  Also if you dont like the idea of going on full anti-deppresents they herbal remady called 'St Johns Wort' but it is not as powerful as the full ones but has no side effects 


Hi. My name is Sarah and I  am 12 and a half years old. I am suffering from depression.I may be young, but I have depression and haven't told anyone except you guys. I hope you listen to my story.    

My sixth grade year is almost at an end, and the whole time I have been lonely and feeling like I'm not pretty or smart or worth anything at all. My sister is 16 and I love her but she has been smoking since she was elleven. I just found out last year. Imagine how horrible it is to know the girl you've always wanted to be like and you have looked up to isn't the person she seemed to be. She had an eighteen year old boyfriend when she was fifteen, and now he's nineteen and they just broke up. They slept together since the beginning and to know my sister did that at 15 and for nothing, hurts.    

My parents are making me move to a totally new town after 7th grade and I'll never see my friends again. I have been hurting most over that. In the middle of sixth grade I started feeling sad alot. Soon, I felt like I didn't fit in with my friends anymore. Then I started crying constantly when I got home from school. I felt like no one liked me and everyone was against me, I wasn't pretty enough and I wasn't good enough. My crush ignored me. And soon I started thinking, maybe it's depression. But I knew that couldn't be the case, and I told myself it wasn't.    

But later, I became even more depressed, tired all the time, and I couldn't take it. When I saw an article on a boy who killed himself because of depression, and it listed the symptoms I knew it had to be the case. Soon I started thinking about killing myself. It scared me, but at times it didn't seem like such a bad idea. But I could never bring myself to do it. I felt farther away from friends, family, the world, and myself.    

Now, I have someone to talk to. Some one who, like me suffered from depression. I still have depression, and it's awful and terrible and painful. But I pray every night for it to go away somehow and I find something to do about this every day. God will help me, and if He doesn't right away, it's ok, because I know He will. Everyone have strength. Have faith.