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Job Opportunities this month!

By: P. Velasco
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Ok, this job is pretty new... we need someone to write up the articles, interviews with people related to depression, etc, for this newsletter... interested?

Advertisement Coordinator >

Advertisors are hard to find but we are looking for someone who knows the rules and tricks in the advertisement world. Are you dynamic and resourceful? Then this job is certainly for you!


Well, after sweating our butts off, we finally have succeeded in receiving another award... pretty cool actually.

It's the new "Halloween Award" which is granted to web masters around the globe for their dedication in their sites... our web master made some comments on the issue:

"I am truly very happy with this new award and I'm glad that our work is being appreciated. It feels like a great distinction to receive such an award..."

So said Paolo Velasco, web master of Teens For Teens. Hopefully, we can be expecting a lot more from him.

H. Waters

Share your story with us next week in our newsletter. How did treatment go for you, etc.

Next week on "Relationship with Drugs":

Nicole will be interviewd on how she dealt with depression and how medicins treated her.