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We are emphasizing on homosexuality due to the fact that it is not a very open subject, for some people it is considered taboo to discuss it, others think it is simply a disease… we want to help people understand that homosexuality is just as ok as heterosexuality, in fact, why should there be a difference regarding its acceptance?

People, we are living in the 21st century, it is now time to accept it and move on with something else… it is ridiculous how some people look at it, please, when you have children later, teach them how important it is to be open-minded and learn them to accept homosexuality as if it were heterosexuality… men with men and women with women is something beautiful that we should not be ashamed of, especially not in this society.





By: Maureen Mogambi


Sexuality is a major issue to deal with and is part of one's identity. Taking this into consideration, discovering that you're a homosexual or lesbian may lead to an identity crisis. Some scientists and people believe that whether or not you're a homosexual is predetermined in your genetic make-up while others believe that one chooses their sexual orientation. Whatever the case may be, homosexuality is an issue for many people.


Homosexuals and lesbians are often stigmatized by society. Human Beings, by nature, yearn acceptance and approval from their peers, but for homosexuals, acceptance comes very rarely while abuse pours down in torrents. At school many forms of cruelty and mistreatment are dealt out to the homosexual. It may be in the form of verbal abuse, physical abuse or vandalism of the person's property. Psychological abuse such as ostracization may be just as bad, if not worse as "No man is an Island." This may force them to drop out of school.


When out in the "real world" things don't get better. Hostile, anti-gay groups may make them a target of their attacks, neighbors and colleagues at work may ostracize them, and they will be constantly bombarded with opinions and images of homosexuality-and by extension themselves- as being evil and abnormal.

More important than your friends' and society's opinion, is that of your family.


Sometimes the very people who are supposed to accept you as you are may also find this difficult to do. With all these difficulties and people working against them, it is easy for homosexuals to become depressed and/or commit suicide. Some are fortunate enough to have understanding and supportive friends and family.


I think counseling is essential in the life of every homosexual. I don't mean to say that they should address their sexual orientation as a problem, but to cope with the difficulties facing them every day. They need counseling in order to prepare themselves for a cold, lonely and often-hostile life, they need counseling in order to find the courage to go on in the face of adversity, they need counseling in order to find the courage to inform those close to them of their homosexuality.


It would be a good idea if members of the immediate family who may be finding it difficult to accept their son's/daughter's/sibling's sexual orientation to participate in counseling sessions. This may help them understand that their son/daughter/sibling faces a lot of opposition from the outside and needs their family's support. In time they may learn to accept and support their son/daughter/sibling even if they don't accept their homosexuality or lesbianism.


Having someone to talk to and confide in may be the difference between deciding all is hopeless and ending it all and deciding to go on in spite of a lot of adversity.


By: Karina Montez

We've all heard the term homosexuality, but does anyone know what it means? Sure, we can all define homosexual; it's a person who is attracted to members of the same sex. But I’m talking about what it really means, not just defining it and superficially slapping it down on a piece of paper.

            Homosexuality is a lifestyle, a lifestyle not everyone accepts as normal. Some religious organizations denounce homosexuality, claiming that homosexuals are wicked and evil and in violation of nature. But let it not be said that only and all religious organizations condemn homosexuality: most of the people who resent homosexuals do so because they are homophobic (the fear or contempt for gay women and men). Homophobia stems from a misunderstanding of the lifestyle that is homosexuality. In most cases, homophobia can be traced to anti-gay childrearing (for instance, a kid will grow up being coached to believe that homosexuality is wrong). Also, on a psychological level, many people hate most in others what they hate most in themselves: in the case of homophobia, that trait is homosexuality.

Typically, homophobic individuals believe that being gay is gross and weird. Upon asking three boys at my college-prep high school if they were homophobic, I found that two out of the three giggled nervously and shook their heads, reluctant to answer. The topic clearly made all three of them uncomfortable. I evaluated them further, asking if they thought homosexuals were weird. One said he thought they were unusual and he didn’t like to spend time around them.

On the other hand, there are a vast number of people who accept homosexuals for who and what they are and treat them as they should be treated: normal. Gay pride marches and celebrations are held annually. Several national and international pride organizations have been founded, such as PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays).

Still think you’re the only one who’s out of the closet? Don’t. There are many celebrities who are gay and proud. George Michael, David Bowie, Chastity Bono, Ellen DeGeneres, Elton John, Melissa Etheridge, Marga Gomez and Sir Ian McKellen are some of the more famous, out-and-proud celebrities of the world.

So let’s review: homosexuals are not weird and icky, they’re normal people like you and me. There are gay people in the world. Deal with it.