job opportunities

Because this site is run for teens, by teens, we are always looking for teens who want to help out. Underneith you will be able to find a list of the available vacancies for our site. If you wish to apply to any of these jobs, please e-mail us. Of course, if you had another job in mind, we are always open for suggestions!


Spanish Vice-President >

We are currently looking for a new vice-president for the Spanish version of the site. If you speak Spanish and you want to help expand a young enterprise like us, this is your job. You will be able to speak up and express your creativity.. in Spanish.

Estamos actualmente buscando a un vice presidente para la sección española de la página titulada "Depresion Juvenil". Si eres dinámico y te gusta ser creativo, ayúdanos a crear una verdadera sección en español para nuestra comunidad hispana.


Newsletter Journalist >

An ultimate 2003 job. Well, if you ever wanted to write articles for a newspaper... here's your chance! We are looking for people who are willing to share with us their artistic preferences by writing articles for our bi-monthly newsletter. Real fun!


Homosexuality Page Editor >

The homosexuality page needs to be spiced up. We are looking for young gay/bi people who want to make a difference. Express your point of view about homosexuality for others to read, shame is left at home.


Advertisement Coordinator >

Advertisors are hard to find but we are looking for someone who knows the rules and tricks in the advertisement world. Are you dynamic and resourceful? Then this job is certainly for you!