| January 3 - 2003 |

Well, the e-mail problem has been fixed so I have been replying to the e-mails today... we had quite a few so it took me a while but it was worth it. We have someone that joined our team, her name is Meredith and she's handling the newsletter.

Also, we found someone at the Spanish version of the site. This girl will become the new vice-president of the new Spanish section called "Depresión Juvenil".


| January 1 - 2003 |

Happy New Year!!! I would like to wish you all the best for this year, hopefully we will be getting new staff to join us.


| December 23 - 2002 |

We are currently having some problems with the site's e-mail system... but we're working on them. So, please still send e-mails, it just may take a few days longer for us to reply to them.


| November 22 - 2002 |

Our site has joined with TrappedMinds in order to create one new message board which is available for the users of both sites. See our Message Board for more information.


| November 11 - 2002 |

I would like to welcome Michelle to our site. She is our new "Medications Page Coordinator" and she will be offering you all new types of medications. Thank her for all the information on that page! If you wish to e-mail her, please go to our About Us page to check the e-mail addresses of our staff. Thank you.


| November 11 - 2002 |

We have a new section! The Medications Page will inform you on all sorts of anti-depressants available in the market. Find out what helps for what and remember, always go to your doctor before taking them.


| November 8 - 2002 |

There is a new web ring on the site. It is our own ring and you can become a member. Check out our web ring page for more information!


| November 8 - 2002 |

We added a new section! The Types of Disorders section under the Depression heading contains a list of various types of mental illnesses. This way, users can truly understand what the disease is about and get treatment when necessary.


| November 7 - 2002 |

The site has had a make-over which was really necessary. Not only are things clearer now, there are also some new sections that make the site more interesting than it was ever before!


| September 3 - 2002 |

We finally got our .net address!!! We can now be found at | | I'm very glad we finally got this address, hopefully it'll be easier to remember for all of you out there who never got the old address right!


| August 24 - 2002 |

Our web site has expanded, there are new links to more resources and we also have included a new section that deals with medications (anti-depressants) and their consequences and secondary effects. The site is enlarging its information and resources. Please visit us more often.


| May 24 - 2002 |

We are looking for people who will sponsor us!! Please contact us.

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