Anon's Life Story

Hey to all that read this (and do try not to fall asleep!). I'm just going to write about myself, and I really hope that my story can help some people out there.

I'm 17 years old, female from the United Kingdom. I've had a pretty tough life, but I know that out in this big world there's always someone much worse off. I've experienced leukaemia (a cancer of the blood) which involved a lot of complications. Today I suffer from depression which is very tough and at times it's hard to handle. I'm on anti-depressants and go to my doctor quite often. I've tried to see if counselling will help, but after 5 sessions I realised it wasn't for me.

I'm a pretty private person, even writing this for me is hard, but I know I'm writing to people who go through what I do too.

Depression is a tough thing to go though and to people who are reading this, I've been on anti-depressants for 12 months now. The first tablets you're prescribed sometimes don't work, or else make you feel sick. It took me 4 different kinds until I was content I had the right one. But I'd assure you to not give up, people are there for you out there, and people want to help. I was feeling like the whole world was against me and like I had nobody to turn to, like nobody understood me. Sometimes I still feel like that. That's why counselling wasn't for me.

We're all different people with different personalities, we wouldn't be unique otherwise. Some people like counselling, others don't. That's life I realise now. I'm not only on tablets for depression, but also for feeling sick, that's one of the worst feelings, like you're going to throw up but nothing happens. I reckon that it contributed to my depression, I get so fed up feeling sick.

Yesterday it was suspected my cancer had come back, I had a lump on my face. Today I got the all clear after having a lot of tests done at the hospital. The last week of worrying has depressed me, and now I hope I can be on the up again.

Finally (you'll be glad to know haha) I want to say to the people reading this if you're in a situation like mine, or even suffering from depression, don't give up. Life always has something to look forward to but it also throws crappy things at you. I think these things make you a stronger person overall. I hope that you got something from reading this and take care everyone.