self mutilation

Many teens now use self mutilation as a way of dealing with their problems. It involves inflicted harm upon oneself. It can take the forms of cutting, burning, pulling hair out, hitting one's head against hard objects, and cutting off one's body parts (e.g. ears). It is an ironic way that people use to cope, as once self mutilation becomes a habit, emotional pain is only supposedly healed by self-inflicted physical pain. One major thing about self mutilation is that it is very addictive behaviour and it is often very hard to break the cycle.


Many people wonder why a person would self harm. There is no rational, logical explanation for it because if there were then it would be an ok, normal thing to do - and it isn't. One way to explain it could be that when a person is in deep physical pain then the deep emotional pain they were in, no longer exists. It only lasts for a short time though. It is very hard to stop self mutilating but if a friend is doing it then you need to offer them a lot of support for them to overcome it as this involves a lot of willpower and distraction. Self mutilation runs a high risk of infection when burns and cuts are involved.