Normal depressed mood and grief >

Typical symptoms of these conditions are lethargy and sadness. In more
serious cases despair, anger, insomnia, poor appetite or weight gain,
obssesive thoughts and guilt are involved as well. Normal depressed mood and
grief are caused by a natural reaction to a loss. The loss could be anything
from the death of a loved one, losing a job or breaking up with a
boyfriend/girlfriend. These are normal reactions because people eventually
recover from them - it may take anytime from a few months after losing a job
to a year after the death of someone. However sometimes the symptoms persist
and the person becomes clinically depressed. If the symptoms are displayed
without a loss of any kind, the depression doesn?eem to be in proportion
to the loss (i.e. sobbing uncontrollably for days after not receiving a
raise) or if the symptoms persist for a long time then you should consult a
doctor about it.