president's page

Dear all, I will start by introducing myself. My name is Paolo Velasco and I'm a student from Spain. Throughout my life, I have lived in several different countries such as The Netherlands and now currently in Switzerland. This has helped me to develop a certain social skill that I'm proud of.

Certainly it wasn't easy to set up a web site like this, it has taken many long hours and a lot of work, but I believe that we have grown to one of the biggest depression sites on the web, offering information in over 200 pages.

Teenage depression is a very hard thing to handle, mostly parents don't seem to understand and friends seem to run away when we try to ask them for help. That is why this society has been established, so adolescents around the world in the same situation, can communicate with each other in order to realize that they're not alone and that help is available if they ask for it.

With the help of a marvelous staff, we have been able to put up a wonderful page containing sections on all sorts of interesting topics. Since 1996 we are here to offer a helping e-hand to your problems.

Thank you, without you, it wouldn't be possible.